Imported Fairytale Friesian Mare

Eleana H.B.

Ad Details

Price: $28000
Date Of Birth: June 2, 2009
Lifenumber: 200904437
Name: Eleana H.B.
Fathers Name: Jillis 301
Mothers Fathers Name: Nanno 372
Mothers Name: Linda van Groot Archem
Gender: Mare

Owner Information

Name: Dawn Klein
Postalcode: 04917
City: Belgrade
State: Maine
Country: United States
Phone: 207-557-3077
Email: [email protected]


Beautiful 2009 Imported Studbook Mare. Friendly character with a lot of work ethic. Previously competed in M1 level Dressage with 7 victory points in the Netherlands and was shown Saddleseat by an 11 yr old in 2022 with great results!  Eleana also scored 74.5 on her driving IBOP last year. Her foals are beautiful, plus she passes down the hair gene! Well-behaved and obedient on competition grounds, trailering and with farrier. Beautiful fairytale type!
Contact for more information, photos and video.


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