Beautiful Ster Stallion, Thorben 466 Sport Elite AAA x Wander 352, Offered for Sale

Kor fan Black Earth

Ad Details

Price: $No price indication
Date Of Birth: June 1, 2019
Lifenumber: 201902886
Name: Kor fan Black Earth
Fathers Name: Thorben 466
Mothers Fathers Name: Wander 352
Mothers Name: Ora Mae
Gender: Stallion

Owner Information

Name: Jo Clough
Address: 4842 Page Ln
Postalcode: 53515
City: Black Earth
State: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Phone: 16082285864


Kor fan Black Earth is a 3 year old Ster stallion. His sire is Thorben 466 Sport Elite AAA, and his dam’s sire is Wander 352. Kor’s mare line is 002, Generatie 13. He is from a low kinship pairing,16.4 for his dam, Ora Mae, and 16.8 for Thorben 466 Sport Elite. His dam is free from dwarfism and hydrocephalus.

At his 2019 foal Inspection Kor received a 2e. In 2022 he was awarded Ster stallion with the judges commenting on his beautiful racial type - a long, upstanding neck, a noble head, and his mane. They also noted that his conformation was more than sufficient, with a nice shoulder and noted the quality of his legs. He truly is a sight to behold! Kor has the potential for sport possessing a roomy walk, a powerful trot with long strides and follow through, and a willing canter.

Kor has been undergoing training at Dutch Elite Sport Horses since early June for Inspection prep, driving, and has begun work under saddle. His trainers find Kor willing to work, and to be a good citizen. Kor's driving is characterized as calm, solid, and that he is always eager to learn.

This beautiful, eye catching Ster stallion has the potential for sport, you do not want to miss this incredible opportunity!


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