Ster Mare Maaje


Ad Details

Price: $20000
Date Of Birth: April 17, 2012
Lifenumber: 201203957
Name: Maaje
Fathers Name: Wander 352
Mothers Fathers Name: Lukas 324
Mothers Name: Regina C.
Gender: Mare

Owner Information

Address: 9085 E KOLBE WAY
Postalcode: 86315
State: Arizona
Country: United States
Phone: 928-925-4809


Maaje is a stunningly beautiful 16.1 hand Wander 352 x Lukas 324 mare. She has had one extremely nice foal. She was an excellent mother. She is gentle with all horses and foals. She has never offered any aggression toward another horse. Although I had ridden her for a couple years, I put her in five months of professional training last year. She knows her leg cues, leads, etc. She needs to be finished, but she is very willing. She is an in-your-pocket type of mare. She has a beautiful quiet gentle temperament. I took her to her Keuring when she was seven years old. She made Ster and was asked back to compete for Champion of the Day. The judge said she had the best movement of any horse at the Keuring that day. She has absolutely NO health issues. Her feet are excellent, but I do use boots on trail rides. I live in a very rocky area. Since she has been just sitting, I will put her back with my trainer for a couple weeks before she goes to her new, permanent address.


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