Approved Stallion Wybren 464 Sport For Sale

Wybren 464

Ad Details

Price: $175000
Date Of Birth: June 26, 2007
Lifenumber: 200705907
Name: Wybren 464
Fathers Name: Feike 395
Mothers Fathers Name: Wicher 334
Mothers Name: Heike
Gender: Stallion

Owner Information

Name: Cole Sanders
Postalcode: 84645
City: Mona
State: Utah
Country: United States
Phone: 608-778-1017
Email: [email protected]


Wybren was foaled in Wisconsin, USA in 2007 under the wonderful ownership and high quality breeding of North Ster Friesians and completed his Central Proving examination and testing in 2011, where he received rave reviews from the inspectors regarding his phenomenal motherline(187), the great use of his powerful hind end , and an impeccable working mind and character. To date, he is the only approved son of his sire Feike 395 and his preferent ster dam, Heike, and proudly demonstrates the best qualities of both lines.

After beginning his breeding career in the United States after becoming approved, Wybren returned to the Netherlands and through the demonstration of his powerful gaits, supple balance, and wonderful working temperament, quickly earned his Sport predicate. He is fully sound and skilled at riding and driving disciplines.

As a breeding stallion, Wybren has also continued to prove his exceptional value. 100% of his tested 2016 foals achieved first or second premie upon inspection and shortly afterwards, Wybren was purchased by Young Living Friesians to improve the quality of our breeding program. His foals are consistently tall, balanced horses with luxurious looks, athletic aptitude, and the same phenomenal working mind and calm disposition he is known for.

16.3 hh
Up to date on all routine veterinarian, dental, and farrier work
Coggins tested (negative) as of 4/12/2022 and fully blood typed for breeding compatibility
Chestnut, Dwarfism, and Hydrocephalus gene free
Progressive sperm motility between 65-85% at the closing of the 2022 breeding season
Inbreeding coefficient 5.08%
Further pictures, videos, performances scores, and breeding values available upon request

We have grown to love our Wybren immensely and recognize that he is deserving of a new home that can appreciate him for the rare gem that he truly is. It is through no fault of his own that we have decided to sell him but rather that Young Living Friesians is headed in a new direction, and we'd love to have him continue to leave his valuable mark on the Friesian breed. Serious inquiries only.


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