Full Papered Stam 50 filly by Tsjalle 454

Trinity HF

Ad Details

Price: $14000
Date Of Birth: May 6, 2022
Lifenumber: 202202581
Name: Trinity HF
Fathers Name: Tsjalle 454
Mothers Fathers Name: Doaitsen 420
Mothers Name: Rumer
Gender: Mare

Owner Information

Name: Amy Bartels
Address: 6301 7 Mile Rd.
Postalcode: 53402
City: Racine
State: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Phone: 262-939-3841
Email: Heritagefarmbaroque@gmail.com


2022 Filly sired by Tsjalle  454 Preferant.  Trinity is out of our 12 generation Star mare Rumer by Doaitsen 420.  Trinity has exceptional papers boasting some of the fullest papers of any filly offered in the US.   Trin is a very laid back young lady.  She is extremely friendly loves attention and kisses.   She enjoys baths, and is easy to clip.   This filly is going to have lots of racial type.  She will have the much desired hair factor that so many look for.  Her dam is over  16.2 hands, we expect Trinity to mature over 16 hands.  She has great extension and a strong hind end.  She should be a great candidate for dressage as her dam already has one sport elite sister and 2 more on their way to elite status.   Her easy going personality should make her amateur friendly.   She is offered only to a home that will guaranty taking her to her adult judging.  


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