Gorgeous Stallion Prospect For Sale

Jarno B

Ad Details

Price: $50000
Date Of Birth: June 4, 2019
Lifenumber: 201902615
Name: Jarno B
Fathers Name: Markus 491
Mothers Fathers Name: Jasper 366
Mothers Name: Welmoed V.
Gender: Stallion

Owner Information

Name: Cole Sanders
Address: 3700 N Old Hwy 91
Postalcode: 84645
City: Mona
State: Utah
Country: United States
Phone: 608-778-1017
Email: kklinkowski@youngliving.com


Young Living Friesians is proud to offer a gorgeous, started under saddle Markus 491 x Jasper 366 stallion for sale. 

"Jarno" makes up one half of an imported and started duo of impressive 2019 stallions that were set to be a new and exciting chapter for Young Living Friesians. Through no fault of their own, that chapter has now been shifted in a different direction and as such, we'd love to offer Jarno for consideration as your next potential approved, finished, breeding, or sport stallion.  

Jarno demonstrates immense potential with a beautiful, collected stride, THICK and luxurious hair and feathering, and a willing and friendly working attitude. He is currently working through his first 90 days under saddle and showing amazing responsiveness off the bit and collection of frame, given his young age. He is a quick learner and enjoys being given a task. (Under saddle photo is from only his 2nd time ever under saddle!) 90 day start also includes all other starter basics such as standing/loading/clipping and general groundwork and he is progressing very well.
16.2hh, up to date on all veterinarian and farrier work. Dental evaluation will be completed before sale.
Negative Coggins test as of 4/12/2022, dwarfism, and chestnut gene free. Hydro gene status unknown, but willing to have him tested before sale if desired.
Inbreeding coefficient 2.54%
Earned 2e premie as a foal (2019)
Jarno has also been introduced to the breeding shed and is currently being used as a teaser stallion.
Jarno also has a small (approx. 3-4") white mark under his chin towards the right from physical injury as a foal, but no scar tissue or deformity remains. White can be seen faintly in provided pictures.
More pictures and videos available upon request.


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