F.S.S. 47 Blauwe Seas - a very special sjees offered for sale in USA Sold

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Price: $25000

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Name: Ann Blakey, owners representative
Address: 2707 W Woodbridge Dr
Postalcode: 47304
City: Muncie
State: Indiana
Country: United States
Phone: 7652158066
Email: powyspony@gmail.com


F.S.S 47 Blauwe Seas

A truly special sjees. Imported in 2015.
Located in Indiana


The Sjees was built during 1958 by Frisian carriage builders,  Mr. Fokkes and Mr. de Weeger for the Frisian Studbook and paid for by the Frisian banc.  Also the Frisian famous artist  Gerhardus Jan Adema,  who died  already some years ago, made the paintings. It was originally build for Princess Beatrix for a special even in 1960.  I have images of this sjees being used in the first quadrilles performances at the 1963 Frisiana Agriculture Event, and later events.


It was in the possession of the Friesian studbook (FPS, now KFPS) for a very long time, and only used for special events and special competition. It was sold in the 1990’s by the Frisian Studbook to a private owner. He also used it only for special events and special competition.  After some years the owner had some restoration work done on the sees by Jaap Veenstra. It was used since that restoration just a few times. Then sold and imported to the USA in 2015 after some additional restorations by Jaap Veenstra.


The sjees was used once in 2017 for a breed demonstration show, driven by the owner (aged 92) and his lovely ster friesian (aged 20). Stored inside in a temperature and humidity controlled space.


The sjees has shafts for a single and long pole and tree for a pair. Beautiful harness for a single included in price, with 3 sets of traces.  Note, harness maker retired in 2015. Harness on horse twice times - practice drive and show in 2017.

For pair of horses, the sjees needs a special iron object, called a beugel, with its  harness.  This iron object has leather parts which is attached under the belly of the 2 horses and carrying the long pole  and attached  to the harnesses. This part needs to be ordered if a pair is to be used with the sjees.

- serious inquires please

- additional images available upon request.