Exceptional Ster Stallion

Tys H

Ad Details

Price: $50000
Date Of Birth: March 30, 2014
Lifenumber: 201400407
Name: Tys H
Fathers Name: Uldrik 457
Mothers Fathers Name: Fridse 423
Mothers Name: Twirre H.
Gender: Stallion

Owner Information

Name: Michelle Whitehead
Address: 15855 Tenth Concession Road
Postalcode: L0G 1T0
City: Schomberg
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Phone: 6476169965
Email: Michelle@hestandhem.com


Very rarely available of this quality, this exceptional stallion I have owned since he was three and was selected for the Final 10 of the stallion Keuring. During my time in Europe, he competed successfully as a young horse in dressage and most notably, in the very competitive BD Young Horse Classes in the Uk where he gained a top placing with an impressive 8.5 for his canter. He was also shown in both Friesian and Foreign Horse Classes before I imported him, as a stallion, into Canada in 2018. This is testament to the quality of this horse, as the cost to import with CEM testing is significant.
I showed him in Canada in my second year here at Anglestone where he was placed and again scoring an 8.5 for his canter. He has been in horse parades and also most recently, took part in hunter paces and is a very good driving horse. So good in fact that he was driven into town very safely.
During the pandemic and up to date, he has not been showing, but I have concentrated on getting this stallion on the trails which includes road work and he is as safe in this regard, as any horse can be. 

Before Winter, I was training him and he has started to develop passage and piaffe on long lines and the starts in the saddle. This horse will easily gain a SPORT predicate and only does not have one because I have not shown myself since 2019 when he was still only a 5 year old. He has exceptional movement, huge paces and a real presence but will not be sold to anyone who has no experience of riding or handling stallions. He is a horse that wants to be worked and trained and a current change in situation means I need to sell one of my stallions - and TYS is by far the most talented and the one I feel has the potential to reach the highest levels of Dressage. OPEN to any vet - he has exceptional conformation and very good feet - will go barefoot very easily and mostly does except in the extreme heat. Very long mane, forelock and feather. 
Located in Toronto GTA and price is in US Dollars and would be higher but reflects the fact that he is not as fit as I would like him to be and I always give my horses the Winter off. 
Link also to article printed about my Friesians ...Please no time wasters. If you are a novice ride you will not sit to this horse! 



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