Beautiful friesian mare and colt available

Lonneke fan Honey Meadows Farm

Ad Details

Price: $22000
Date Of Birth: June 11, 2003
Lifenumber: 200307241
Name: Lonneke fan Honey Meadows Farm
Fathers Name: Lukas 324
Mothers Fathers Name: Tsjerk 328
Mothers Name: Wilma fan Honey Meadows Farm
Gender: Mare

Owner Information

Name: Myriam Boissonneault
Address: Site 114 Comp 20 RR 1
Postalcode: T0E 0A1
City: Alberta Beach
State: Alberta
Country: Canada
Phone: 1-403-813-6691


Stunning Friesian mare and colt available 


Lonneke and her colt Rio are available for your consideration. 


Lonneke was trained to ride at the age of 4 and used for pleasure riding before becoming a broodmare. She is now 17 and retiring from breeding. She is a very sweet girl and easy to handle. Rio is extremely friendly and curious, he loves our company and will be so fun to work with . Lonneke is registered with FHANA and Rio is registered b-book ll with FHANA. 


Please call or text 1-403-813-6691


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