July 2020 Tjaarda 483 Stallion

Neville Z.J.N.

Ad Details

Price: $12500
Date Of Birth: July 15, 2020
Lifenumber: 202003733
Name: Neville Z.J.N.
Fathers Name: Tjaarda 483
Mothers Fathers Name: Teade 392
Mothers Name: Roksana Z.J.N.
Gender: Stallion

Owner Information

Name: Mary Nieradka
Address: 10840 crystal meadow court
Postalcode: 60467
City: orland park
State: Illinois
Country: United States
Phone: 7088451040
Email: znieradka52@gmail.com


Neville is a handsome boy. He loves to play with the other horses at our barn. Neville is good with humans and has been handled by both the Vet and the Ferrier. For and questions or interest please call or text at 7088451040. Email is fine as well but my cell is faster for responses. 
Thank you!


Tjaarda 483 Stb Sport-Elite Time 398 Stb Fetse 349 Stb Sport Feitse 293 Stb Preferent
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Katinga Stb Ster Pref Prest Naen 264 Stb Preferent
Leonora Stb Ster Pref
Daisy W. Stb Ster Pref Lolke 371 Stb Sport Oege 267 Stb Preferent
Zwaantje F. Stb Ster
Sanne v.d. Molenwijk Stb Fabe 348 Stb Sport Pref
Jesse v.d. Molenwijk Stb Ster
Roksana Z.J.N. Vb M Teade 392 Stb Sport Anton 343 Stb Sport Pref Oege 267 Stb Preferent
Iduna Stb Ster Pref Prest
Irma van 't Zuid Stb Ster Pike 316 Stb
Tetske Stb Ster Pref
Wyona fan F.C. Stb Rintse 386 Stb Wicher 334 Stb
Sietske-W Stb Ster
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