2003 Full papered Ster Mare

Jada f/t Friesian Connection

Ad Details

Price: $8900
Date Of Birth: July 7, 2003
Lifenumber: 200308251
Name: Jada f/t Friesian Connection
Fathers Name: Jorrit 363
Mothers Fathers Name: Daen 286
Mothers Name: Cassandra B.
Gender: Mare

Owner Information

Name: Rachel Clifford
Postalcode: 37091
City: Lewisburg
State: Tennessee
Country: United States
Phone: 9312058389
Email: renaissancefriesiansinc@yahoo.com
Website: www.renaissancefriesiansinc.com


2003 edition.
Full Papered, Ster mare
Jorrit 363 x Daen286
A GOOD HOME IS A MUST! References are required. She has been a brood mare most of her life, However she has been used as a lesson horse when not in foal. Jada has been saddleseat and dressage. She has only been back in training since June 9, 2020 after having almost 3 years off due to being bred. She was saddled up and ridden with no issues. Jada can be more forward when first mounted and because of this i would recommend at least an advanced begginer. She had a foal this year but was not bred back.
She can get pregnant, but will require regumate.
or facebook Renaissance Friesians Inc. (video of Jada and kids having lessons on her)
Located in Tennessee


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