Friesian 2020 filly

Mijn Liefde

Ad Details

Price: $12500
Date Of Birth: May 16, 2020
Lifenumber: 202003151
Name: Mijn Liefde
Fathers Name: Brend 413
Mothers Fathers Name: Ouke 313
Mothers Name: Navaria S.P.
Gender: Mare

Owner Information

Name: Wendy Schillo
Address: 353 Juniper St
Postalcode: 53521
City: Brooklyn
State: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Phone: 608 455 2677


Her name, Mijn Liefde (pronounced mine leaf day) is Dutch for My Love
Athletic, funny, very friendly, curious.
Walks on lead. Can lift feet. Loves human contact.
Sire, Brend 413, excels  in dressage.
Would have taken to Keuring if not cancelled.
Only caring, loving home considered.


Brend 413 Stb Sport Brandus 345 Stb Sport Pref Reitse 272 Stb Sport Pref Hearke 254 Stb Sport Pref
Pauliene Stb Ster Pref
Hoogheid Stb Ster Oege 267 Stb Preferent
Jinke fan 'e Sjongedyk Stb Ster
Meta van de Strubbenhof Stb Ster Doeke 287 Stb Peke 268 Stb Sport
Marianne III. Stb Ster Pref
Jovanka Stb Ster Pref Tjimme 275 Stb
Tamara Stb Ster
Navaria S.P. Stb Ouke 313 Stb Hearke 254 Stb Sport Pref Mark 232 Stb Preferent
Gelbrich Stb Model Pref
Erna Stb Ster Pref Romke 234 Stb
Oensje Stb Ster Pref
Okje fan 'e Skâns Stb Tamme 276 Stb Jochem 259 Stb Sport Pref
Lawine Stb Ster
Nelligje Stb Ster Oepke 266 Stb
Onieta Stb Ster Pref