Nominations Now Open

In accordance with FHANA Bylaw 6.4.2, FHANA is now accepting nominations for the FANA Board of Directors.  Nominations can be emailed to

Any two (2) general voting members, in good standing, may nominate any other member who is eligible to hold office and in good standing with the Association, other than a body corporate, for election as a Director by a written letter addressed to the Secretary at the principal office of the Association, provided that the member so nominated has endorsed his consent to such nomination in writing.

November 1, 2021-Call for Nominations

November 30, 2021-Close Nominations

December 7, 2021-Email/Mail Campaign Questions

December 15, 2021-Town Hall Session

December 17, 2021-Return of Campaign Questions and Biographies

January 1, 2022-Mail/Email Ballots, Campaign Question Responses & Bios to Membership

January 31, 2022-Election Closes

February 4, 2021-Count Ballots and Announce Results



Open Positions:

2022: Dr. Rosanne Palermo, Marquis Laude, Matthew Jenkins (1 year term)

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