Logo Survey

FHANA is looking for input from our membership.  The marketing committee has developed 3 new logo’s for consideration.  These logo’s are currently in the concept phase.  We would like to ask the membership for help and have you vote on the concepts that are currently being discussed.
If you would prefer to stay with the current logo, that is an option and should be selected.  Our goal is to create a logo that will distinguish FHANA and the Friesian Horse.  When you see that logo, you will know that person has Friesian horses.
We appreciate your time to review the options and voting for the best concept.  Again, these are just concepts and can still be altered or adjusted to a final product.

Take the survey here

The Friesian Magazine

The Friesian magazine is a quarterly publication. If you are interested in "Everything" Friesian, then you won't want to miss this opportunity to order the Friesian magazine.