Inspection Video Submission

Are you interested in submitting a video to move your mare from the Foalbook to the Studbook?  This option is only available for mares that were entered for the 2021 inspections in categories 5 or 6.  If you are interested, the fee to have your horse reviewed is $135.  Again, this will only move your horse from the Foalbook to the Studbook and she will not be judged for Premium or Ster.  The mare will also not receive a linear score.  If you chose this option, and you pay the $135, you will be eligible to present your mare again in 2022 at no charge.

Instruction Video watch here

Instruction Manual

To submit your video, Please send to by either dropbox or wetransfer.  Please include in the title of your video, Horse Name (Full registered name), Registration Number, Owner Information including R#.  Once the FHANA office has received your video, you will be invoiced the $135 which will need to be paid upon receipt.  All submissions are due by Oct. 6, 2021.  You are also required to submit your horses registration papers to the FHANA office in order for them to be upgraded.

Upon receipt of your video, the FHANA office will submit your video to the KFPS for review.  You will receive a response from the KFPS or FHANA regarding the status of your horse by Nov. 1st, 2021.  At which point you will also receive updated papers displaying the horse has now been moved to the Studbook.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact FHANA immediately at 859-455-7430 or


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