Board of Directors Recap-April

The FHANA Board of Directors met on April 25th, 2020. This was the first meeting of the board using Zoom instead of telephone only conference, which was very successful and a nice change.


Points of note:

FHANA is looking at the possibility of bringing over another shipment of The Friesian Book from the Netherlands to make it available to our members. These will be available on the website as a pre-order option to judge how much interest there is before the order will be placed.


Finance Committee: The finance committee is hard at work determining current and potential impacts to FHANA and its members due to the COVID 19 global pandemic.  With the recommendation of the Finance Committee, the Board supported in favor of dropping the $50 ABFP fee that is currently being charged on all Foal Registrations.  those that have paid this fee to date for 2020 will be refunded.  The committee made some Budget changes which were approved by the Board.


Inspection Committee: The Inspection handbook has been updated and the board approved the revision. This will be posted on the website.


Strategic Planning: The Strategic Plan for FHANA has been completed. The board approved this and will be implementing it across our the organization in coming months.


A new FHANA chapter has been approved! Please welcome the North Michigan Friesian Club!


Due to the uncertainty of the planned schedule of events for 2020, the board discussed and decided to provide weekly updates on how COVID 19 is impacting FHANA and our events. This is to keep our members informed of any changes as soon as possible.



The Friesian Magazine

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