Are you logging your Recreational Hours?

FHANA members can earn pins and certificates for logging their hours spent riding and/or driving! After you ride or drive your horse, simply record the number of hours on our log sheet, and when you reach a milestone total, send in the form to the office. Members may use more than one of their horses towards their hours and will earn an “Awards Pin” for 250 hours, 500 hours, 750 hours, and 1000 hours of cumulative recreational (non-competition and non-exhibition) activities with this program.

For 2020 Maddi’s Friesian Ranch is sponsoring a special 75 hour recreational award ribbon to reward the use of our horses during our national and state shutdowns, and also to encourage our performance members who had their competition season decimated by the Covid-19 pandemic to enjoy using their horses in a more relaxed setting.

Logs must be returned by November 30, so members who have reached a milestone get recognized at our AGM during the Saturday evening Awards Banquet. To print a copy of the log sheet go to:

As with all our awards, more information can be found on the FHANA website ( under the Sport menu and Awards submenu.

Submitted by Gail Aumiller, Sports Committee Chair

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