2022 Spring IBOP Cup Results

Congratulations to our Spring Inspection Iron Spring Farm Riding and Dream Gait Friesians Driving IBOP Cup winners.

The top 5 horses in each category will receive a logo Iron Spring Farm or Dream Gait Friesians Cooler with the overall champion receiving an additional $500 and the Reserve Champion receiving $250.

All ties were broken down by individual attribute scores (Walk, trot, etc…)

Iron Spring Farm Riding IBOP Results:

  1. Kristina from Friesian Farms (80) (Sipke 450 x Sibald 380) owned by Jennifer Andrea Bruno
  2. Wendy MFR (77.5) (Hessel 480 x Mintse 384) owned by Theresa Alford
  3. Wessel van de Pôle (77.5) (Brandus 345 x Rypke 321) owned by Nalani A Bryer and/or William Trawick
  4. Bucephalus (77.5) (Julius 486 x Laes 278) owned by Lisa Baker, Majestic Acres
  5. April KCF (77) (Julius 486 x Jasper 366) owned by Wesley and or Dawn Polsdorfer
  6. Zafira MWF (77) (Meinse 439 x Wander 352) owned by Sherri & Kyle Garner
  7. Melanie (77) (Tietse 428 x Tsjerk 328) owned by Carol B. Wertz

Dream Gait Friesians Driving IBOP Results

  1. Gerlinde D. (78) (Andries 415 x Folkert 353) owned by KCF Farms
  2. Rinse H (77.5) (Norbert 444 x Felle 422) owned by Justin & Danielle Piascik, Brookside Friesians
  3. Violet (77) (Michiel 442 x Gjalt 426) owned by Joan Fernandez, Friesian Focus LLC
  4. Antun CJF (76) (Julius 486 x Ulke 338) owned by Marianne E. Watson
  5. Vlinder van WoppieWoppie (75) (Jerke 434 x Folkert 353) owned by Justin & Danielle Piascik, Brookside Friesians


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