Registration Certificate – Discription

Rules & Regulations

The appearance of Registration Certificates vary according to the birth year and registry of the horse.

Horses Foaled Before 1989

The registration certificate for horses registered before 1989 is on white, unlaminated paper. One side of the paper contains the KFPS logo and the name “Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek”, a photo of Friesian horses and space to record ownership transfers. The opposite side of the certificate shows name and other specifications about the horse, a three-generation pedigree and a box for recording premiums, upgrades, tongue number and brand marks. Since these certificates can easily be copied, carefully examine the certificate to be satisfied it is an original. If you have any question, contact FHANA office to verify the details against office records.

Main Foal Book/Studbook Horses Foaled 1989 and Later

The registration certificate for horses registered in 1989 through 2014 is yellow-green and yellow striped with a light gray horse, plastic laminated and contains an embossed seal of the KFPS. The back side of the certificate is yellow-green and contains a large insignia of the KFPS above the name, “Koninklijke Vereniging Het Friesch Paarden Stamboek.” The colors are Yellow/Green, Dark Blue as of 1-1-2015. The face of the document contains the information described elsewhere in the Appendix as Registration Certificate-Explanation.

B-Book Horses Foaled 1989 to 1992

These horses received yellow-green and yellow striped certificates as described above. B-Book horses’ certificates simply had an annotation in Dutch that the horse was only registered in the bijboek—other than that the B-Book certificate was just like the main Foal Book/Studbook certificates.

B-Book I Horses

Beginning in 1993, the B-Book was separated into B-Books I and II. The B-Book I horses receive orange-brown and gold laminated certificates with a light blue-gray horse prior to 2015. Colors are Black & Gray as of 1-1-2015.

B-Book II Horses

B-Book II horses receive blue and pastel red laminated certificates with a light blue-gray horse prior to 2015. Colors are Black & Gray as of 1-1-2015.

The FHANA Resource Book

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