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Three New Stallions Registered
April 17, 2009

During the last two weeks, the nine-year-old stallion that completed the abbreviated examination, Cas van het Hoksent, finished off the character examination with no remarks. He thus earned his breeding certificate and will continue his life under the name of Anders 451. Anders is a very youthful-looking, true-to-breed stallion that could have a bit longer contour. During the presentation with co-owner Peter Spahn, he put on a beautiful display of all the Grand Prix elements. He will soon be presented at this level with the goal being to participate in the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky next year. His pedigree (Adel 357 x Ouke 313 x Bjinse) gives him a relatively isolated bloodline which is expressed in his inbreeding coefficient of 16.0%. The second breeding certificate went to Reinder, a four-year-old stallion sired by Aan 416. Reinder is a generously developed stallion with a long contour and a beautiful forehand. His talent as a sport horse lies particularly in the disciplines of ridden and driven dressage. He stands out in these disciplines due to his fine gaits that display a great deal of extension, power, regularity and rhythm. As a show cart horse, he rises somewhat too little in the front. Reinder 452 is the first stallion sired by Aan 416 to be registered. His dam was sired by Sierk 326 and his granddam by Ludse 305. An interesting detail is the fact that Reinder is the fourth generation of stallions that will be in service at the stud station of his owner, Tjibbe Bosma. Besides Reinder, this facility also accommodates his sire, Aan 416, his grandsire, Abe 346, and his great-grandsire, Jillis 301, now 22 years old. The third new studbook stallion is Sjouke V. Sjouke is a four-year-old sired by Doaitsen 420 out of a star mare sired by Jelte 365 out of a star and preferent mare sired by Leffert 306. With an inbreeding coefficient of 16.5%, he is one of the stallions on the “right side of the line”. As to his exterior, Sjouke 453 may not have the most outstanding appearance. During the stallion inspection, the stallion inspection jury took special notice of him due to his high ABFP scores from the previous year when he was tested for approving his sire as based on offspring quality. During the Central Examination, Sjouke easily confirmed this achievement. He is one of the few stallions to have scored more than 80 points in all three disciplines. Besides all this, his character and effort make him an exceptionally fine stallion to work with. Unfortunately, the curtain dropped for two other stallions. Sybrand Hof, a handsome, true-to-breed stallion sired by Brandus, had earned a score of 79 points as a mount. Because physical problems led to his dropping out that year, he started out again this spring. Once again, he displayed a beautiful carriage but was lacking particularly in the use of his hind legs. And, just as last year, the stallion possessed insufficient ‘substance’. The second stallion to be eliminated, Ruben van Erve Poortstad (Aan 416 x Fabe 348), was given the benefit of the doubt during the final evaluation as a mount. His large size, upward build and beautiful true-to-breed elevation in the forehand still make him a very impressive stallion. The way he uses his hind legs can hardly be criticized. What Ruben lacks, however, is power and balance which results in an excessively quick rhythm of movement, definitely when extension is demanded. He then has difficulty with his regularity and rhythm. More information can be found on www.kfps.nl

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