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Gala Friesian 2014 Mintse 384 x Anne 340 colt

Asking Price: 10,000
Studbook Number: 200308600
Sire: Anne 340-Deceased
Dam: Ester H.
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: May 17, 2003
Height: 160cm

Gala Friesian 2014 Mintse 384 x Anne 340 colt My full papered Anne 340 mare ( Jillis 301 x Oege 267) is bred to Mintse 384. She has already produced 2009 Ster mare and 2010 First Premie Grand Champion and Champion of the day Filly as well as 2012 First Premie colt and Grand Champion. This will be a full brother to the first Premie foals. So we are working on mare becoming Preferent. All ready 22 Preferents and 5 Models in dams bloodline. $10,000 in uetero, price goes up after birth. Will take payment, You can be involved from the day he is born. 2.93 inbreeding stam line 12. He will be tall, elegant and lots of hair…

Contact Information
Amanda (Amy) Rogala
Gala Friesians
P.O. Box 261
Wauna, WA 98395-0261

Day Phone: 2533760612
Email: galafriesians@hotmail.com

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