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Isabella of Fryslan Valley Ster Teunis Pref X Jurjen

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Alert 475 Sport

Jul 2, 2015 -

 Alert 475 Sport Jasper 366 Sport Preferent x Hearke 254 Sport Preferent April 18, 2000 – June 29, 2015


Saddle Fit and all we have seemingly forgotten over the years… (a short history of design)

Jun 30, 2015 -

  Every month our Silver sponsor Schleese Saddle provides FHANA with an article on how to properly fit your horse for a saddle. Here is the July 15 installment...


Getting The Job Done...

Jun 8, 2015 -

 By now, the meetings of the regions and the Member Council are once again behind us. Fascinating and critical discussions on topics like, particularly, the long-term policy plan, have boosted our motivation to work out the various ideas into solid plans’, this is how KFPS Chairman Bert Wassenaar opens his column in the June issue of Phryso.


Divergent Theories on Saddle Fitting

Jun 1, 2015 -

 Every month our Silver sponsor Schleese Saddle provides FHANA with an article on how to properly fit your horse for a saddle.  Here is the June 2015 installment...


Effect of feeding fescue seed containing ergot alkaloid toxins on stallion spermatogenesis and sperm cells

Jun 1, 2015 -

An educational article from the FHANA Education Committee as presented in the July/August 2015 Friesian magazine with references.  


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Independence Day

07/02/2015 -

 The office will be closed on Friday July 3rd in honor of Independence Day.  We hope everyone has a great holiday!

Keuring Program Advertisement Opportunity

06/08/2015 -

DAHL Graphics has once again been hired to print the 2015 Keuring programs.  If you would like to advertise in the programs and have your farm seen by the many attendees and spectators that attend each of the Keurings please contact DAHL Graphics at:

DAHL Graphics & Printing
39257 Taray Rd.
Pine River, MN 56474
888-403-2060 or

Chilliwack, BC Inspection

04/30/2015 -

 Based on the requests from the membership, the FHANA Board of Directors has revised the 2015 Keuring schedule and there will now be a keuring on Sept. 19th, 2015 in Chilliwack, BC.  To see the entire Keuring schedule please click here