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Attention FHANA Members!!!

Aug 19, 2014 -

The Marshfield Keuring participants and Friesian enthusiasts in the Midwest have been presented with an excellent opportunity to participate in a FREE pre-Keuring clinic.


Late Fee waived until August 15th, 2014 for all Ster, Crown, and Model Mares

Aug 7, 2014 -

Due to the oversight of the new rule, FHANA will be waiving the late fee for all Ster, Crown, and Model Mares who enter categories 8, 9, and 10. 


Fabe 348, Heinse 354 and Beart 411 declared Preferent

Jul 7, 2014 -

 This has been in the pipeline for quite a few weeks, but as from now three stallions may proudly carry the Preferent title: Fabe 348, Heinse 354 and Beart 411.


New set-up Central Mare Inspection

Jul 7, 2014 -

 During the past year the KFPS has given a lot of thought to how the set-up and program of the Central Mare Inspection could be rearranged for the better to attract a larger audience. On Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th of September the happening in Drachten promises to be an interesting two-day event for a wider equestrian public.


Horse & Rider Instruction Week

Jul 2, 2014 -

 Are you a fanatical and ambitious rider or driver, and are you fond of the Friesian Horse? Do you want to enhance your knowledge about (Friesian) horses, your riding skills and visit the Royal Friesian (KFPS) Central Mare Show? Come to the educational ‘Horse and Rider Instruction Week’ in the Friesian Congres & Horse Centre in Drachten! This program is in English.


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Ionia, MI Inspection

08/13/2014 -

Due to an increase in site registrations, the Ionia, MI inspection will now be a 2-day inspection.  The dates are Friday Sept. 19 and Saturday Sept. 20.  Please contact Beth Sneller for the order of go.  

Chilliwck, BC Inspection Cancelled

07/31/2014 -

 Due to low inspection entries, FHANA with the assistance of the NWFHC has decided to cancel the Chilliwack, BC inspection site.  FHANA would recommend that members who were interested in this site consider registering their horses for the Auburn, WA site.  There will be no other site cancellations for 2014.  

Inspection Location Changed Again

07/25/2014 -

The Hanford, CA inspection site has changed to The Twin Mill Horse Ranch, 12123 Ave. 176 Tulare, CA.  For more information please contact site host Nonning Leyendekker

Keuring Handbook 101

05/29/2014 -

 The Keuring Committee has put together a handbook that will assist you in making your plans and preparing for the upcoming Inspections.  This handbook has all of the pertinent information from what do I need to bring to general rules and conduct.  This will definitely help answer all of those questions you just didn't know about.