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Digital Foal Administration

Apr 8, 2015 -

 For this purpose KFPS has launched My KFPS in 2012. In My KFPS is a tool for KFPS-members that opens up the KFPS database and where KFPS-members can manage their own horse administration.


The Ideal Character

Apr 8, 2015 -

 The temperament of the Friesian breed is one of the top priorities on the KFPS agenda. What defines the ideal temperament of the Friesian sports horse and does this tie in with the easygoing personality that makes the breed so popular?


Saddle Fit & Withers Clearance

Mar 31, 2015 -

 Every month our sponsor Schleese saddles includes an article about properly fitting your horse with a saddle.  Here is the April edition of Part Two from the previous month (Tree Width & Tree Angle) by Jochen Schleese CMS, CSFT, CSE


Jesse 435 coming to North America

Mar 25, 2015 -

 The twelve year old stallion Jesse 435 is headed to his new home in North America...


Feike 395 Retired

Mar 17, 2015 -

 Feike 395 Sport has officially retired from breeding...www.royalcarouselfriesians.com/infopages.htm


Sipke 450 Approved on Offspring

Mar 13, 2015 -

 Sipke 450 (Teade 392 x Ulke 338) breed by Mares and Klaas Vanderploeg has been approved on offspring.


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2015 Breeding Certificates

03/17/2015 -

 Attention FHANA Members!!!  If you have not received your breeding certificates for 2015 by March 15th, 2015.  Please contact the FHANA office.  You will need to have your horses name and registration number available.  There have been some changes in the distribution of these important documents and we want to make sure that everyone has received them.  We also understand the KFPS has changed their procedures for registering your foal.  This option is not abailable at this time for FHANA members.  We are working on this for the 2016 and we are hopeful it will be in place.